March 01, 2008

The New Blog!

New Name, New Face

I’d been thinking a lot about my other blog (Selling Words on a Page), it’s function in the overall world, and what I wanted it to accomplish. I struggled to find ways of making it interesting, enjoyable, and something that people want to read. It’s not just about me, it’s about creating a community of people that want to speak into things, discuss topics, and help each other learn.

So, I’m hear to announce that I'm transitioning out of Selling Words on a Page and into...Constructing Stories. It's a new, slightly more focused blog, and I think you'll enjoy it.

A Brave New World

Constructing Stories will be more focused on things writers and readers care about and enjoy discussing. As I write new material, including an upcoming novel, I’m going to blog about it, invite discussion, and absorb all of your feedback to make my works better. In the process, I’ll be interviewing other authors, sharing interesting articles, and pointing to key areas where strategy plays a huge role in what you read on a page.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be writing reviews of movies like I did on Selling Words, but I’ll be much more intentional about it. I want to focus in on the stories and how we all interact with them.

Upcoming Posts

Here are some upcoming posts that you may enjoy:
  • The Messenger Chronicles (tentatively titled) – Exploratory Ideas: I’ll be talking about a novel I intend to start writing soon.
  • The Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff Interview: In the next couple months I’ll talking to fellow Infinite Space, Infinite God alum and successful writer (she's even listed in Wikipedia!).
  • The Messenger Chronicles – Characters: Help me develop exciting, Heroes-like characters for my new novel.
  • Ending, The Shadow Phase: It’s coming to a close, and it’d be great to talk about.
I've also taken some time to populate Constructing Stories with some of the old posts from Selling Words. I hope you enjoy and appreciate the new direction. I look forward to hearing from you!



Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to this new direction! :-)

J Sherer said...

I'm hoping people really get involved. I think it would be really fun!