March 01, 2008

Marketing and Writing

Marketing + Writing = ?

A lot of you know that I make my cash as a marketer, but that I also do this thing on the side called writing. Both have a little bit of art to them, both have a little bit of science. Let's, for the sake of this post, think a little more on the scientific end of things for a bit. Most of the writers out there are going to start cringing, but just give me a few minutes of your time...

"It's called a voice..."

Differentiation is at the core of business strategy, or said more appropriately, "Business strategy is defined by differentiation." What does differentiation mean? It's a big word that writers may understand at its root level, but how does it pertain to writing?

Well, let me propose this to you. As writers, we create what the business world would call a "brand identity." Yes, unfortunately, you are creating one...each and every one of you writers. "But I only write for art!" Good for you! You're still creating a brand identity, though. Even a brand experience. And why? Well, if you are trying to sell your work, it will come down to needing brand awareness! (If you're not, you're just creating a brand experience that you alone can enjoy with your closest friends).

How are you going to stand out in a market completely saturated with excellent, marginal, and terrible writers? (all of whom have been published). There it is. You're going to create a brand identity.

"But, you don't understand, my work is from my own writer's voice! That's what sets me apart!" True. However, that's only a piece of a much bigger pie. Understand that when you create a work of art, you're making choices. Those choices will differentiate your work. They will differentiate your life.

They will build you a brand identity.

Next time, I'll go further down this path to explain how this may affect you, the writer (and you readers as well). Stay tuned...

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