June 24, 2009

It's Official

All right, we've got an official launch date for Timeslingers.com! If you've been dropping by the "online time travel adventure series" from Nathan Scheck and I, you've noticed that we launched the "preview episode." Well, as of July 6, 2009, all the other ones are coming. We update the site every Monday and Thursday.

As we talked about before on our podcast, the new installments take less than 5 minutes to read (most people get through them in less than 3!). Nathan's illustrations are bigger as well.

Please drop by when you get a chance!

Also of note:
  • I just finished reading a book by Alan Moore (popular comic book author and very strange dude) titled, "Writing for Comics." It was an excellent book on writing in general with some specificity into comics. I'll be discussing it more here when I get the chance.
  • I'm currently reading a very good book on writing drama by Lajos Egri. I'll also bring some learnings to this blog.
  • Nathan and I are also considering publishing a comic book, so we'll let you know how that's going.
  • And...I've got posts from Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff (more in the series I was running) and Lori Z. Scott (an interview).

So, there are plenty of things going on here! Check back soon for more! And check out Timeslingers!

PS. If you're a writer and you're on Twitter, check out the Twitter Fiction contests (yeah, you've got to be brief!) at Book View Cafe. Cool stuff! And, I tied for second place in the last one...so, obviously, I'm a fan.